Things you need to know

• There is no registration
• There is no fee to participate in the run.
• Maps will be online before the run.
• Run books (maps and info) will be at the Pre Party and Cool Beans.
• All the costs for the run are paid for by the sponsors. So thank them.
• The beer at the campsites is free while it lasts.
• No one is going to hold your hand. Have your shit together.
• Show respect and you will get respect.
• Ride with your head. Find a pace you are comfortable with. It is not a race.
• The chase truck is for emergencies only. Please have a good reason for calling it.
• Do not ask chase truck to carry your crap.
• Clean up after yourself at the campsites.
• No fireworks at the campsites (anywhere else, knock yourself out!)
• Make sure your brake light works.
• Bring rain gear. No matter the weather, we ride.
• Have fun.