Come one, Come ALL!

We are having a Street Chopper Issue Release Party at the shop this Saturday @ 8pm. Everyone is welcome. we will have the S&M Custom BMX Cruiser on hand for you to drool over and buy tickets for. Full details on the Kickstart site. Hope to see you all there! ~ Walter

Click photo to download a flyer.


Back to life

The last two weeks have been brilliant. The week between the Gypsy Run and the Brooklyn Innovational was over the top. Now that things have slowed to my normal tempo I am working on the Wrap up for the run. I'll have photos and stories posted soon and I have a few shirts that I will put. Thanks Amigos! ~ Walter

PS Check the Gypsy Run CALENDAR for upcoming events and don't forget to get your raffle tickets. we are going to draw the BMX winner after the Indian Larry Block Party.



The S&M KSCS CR24 Big Raffle

The S&M KSCS CR24 Big Cruser Custom features… One of a kind paint by Kris Henderschot. The Best of the best components from FIT and S&M. ALL and I mean ALL the money that we make will go to AIDAN HAS A POSSE. click the link to find out more. You can buy as many tix as you want and I will email you your numbers. Drawing will be online. SPREAD THE WORD YOU COOL FUCKERS! Get Your Tickets HERE Thanks. ~ Walter

PS we have already raised $450.00 on the Gypsy Run thanks to you.
S&M_GR5 002
S&M_GR5 010S&M_GR5 005S&M_GR5 004S&M_GR5 006S&M_GR5 003


S&M teaser

Got the bike assembled today. Kris KILLED it. Here is a little look.


We will be raffling this online starting tomorrow and selling tickets at the LONE WOLF , Dice Party and The Brooklyn Show.

Afew photos for now..

Full wrap up coming up, but for now a few photos for ya… Oh yea! Check out the Kickstart Site for details on the week of upcoming stupid fun. (sorry that should half been fun with a capital F!)

GR5 1GR5 2GR5 3GR5 4


Three feet high and rising

Since we have been getting so much rain lately some of the roads have flooded again. So we have to reroute. Mike and Fritz are working on it now. So DOWNLOAD THE ADDRESSES because we WILL NOT BE PRINTING MAPS. If you get separated from the pack you will need the info. OK? ok. ~ Walter

P.S. Yes we are still going. Bring some rain gear.



Well… Here we go again. The pre party starts tonight around 6pm. at the shop. Even if you can't make the run, come on by and meet the crew and have a few drinks. We will fire up the grill and have some burgers, dogs and good times. See ya there.

9 Romanelli • South Hackensack NJ 07606
The entrance is on Division (between GreenSt. & Romanelli)



The other kind of bike

GR5 sponsor and motorcycle enthusiast Chris Moeller of S&M Bikes sent us a Custom CR 24 BIG BMX CRUSER bike to raffle off to some lucky Gypsy Runner. While we were talking we thought it might be cool to have our resident artist Kris Henderschott paint it to make it even more better. (he is feverishly working to get it done now!) Then we decided we should do something worthwhile with the money so we decided to raffle off the ONE OF A KIND S&M CR24 GYPSY RUN SPECIAL and donate ALL the proceeds to AIDAN HAS A POSSE. If you are unfamiliar with Aidan's story click the link. If you do know and would like to make a donation, we set up a paypal thing over there in the sidebar to make it easy for ya. We will be selling raffle tickets for $5 each at the PRE-Party, and on the Gypsy Run. When we figure out when the drawing will be, you will be the first to know. Thanks ~ Walter

Chris Moeller of S&M Bikes Handsome, ain't he?
Kris' first sketch.

Douche on a Panhead

I have been getting s bunch of emails and calls asking if people can come for just part of the run. Here is the thing, you are welcome for one hour or the entire run it doesn't matter. No one is going to look down on you if you can't be there every second. Furthermore, no one cares what kind of bike you ride. If you are a douche, having a "righteous panhead" just makes you a douche on a panhead. See ya soon ~ Walter




It is a busy day here in God's area code (Jersey, where else?) People, Bikes and boatloads of swag age showing up.

This year's patch courtesy of IRON THREAD.

The weather

Admittedly the weather, at this point looks like shit. Just remember a lot can change in four days. Keep yer chins up!
I'll keep an eye on things and keep you up to date. ~ Walter

Screen Shot 2011-09-06 at 2.57.48 PM


Kiss the cook

This weekend I had a meeting with Papas, our Executive Chef, To go over the menu for Saturday night's cookout. (That's right fuckers, we have an Executive Chef!) After going over the menu all I can say is "OH BOY, OH BOY, DEM IS GOOD EATS!"


Pre Run Report

Fritz and Mike 47 pre ran the route this weekend. There might be a few small detours, but all and all the route still looks great. I'm gonna finish up the run books and post them in the DOWNLOADS section ASAP. Fritz wanted me to remind you guys that there are NO TOLLS on the run this year. Everything is looking good!


Back in stock.

Thanks for all the orders guys! We are all caught up with shipping and we have LARGE GR5 SHIRTS back in stock.



Pre Running… again

Since the hurricane has made some of the roads around here… difficult to navigate, I am gonna run the route this weekend to make sure everything is cool before we print the maps. I'll let you know how it turns out.